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  Microsoft Warnings

MS04-028 : Buffer Overrun in JPEG Processing (GDI+)
MS04-027 : Vulnerability in WordPerfect Converter
MS04-026 : Vulnerability in Exchange Server 5.5 Outlook Web Access
MS04-025 : Cumulative Security Update for IE
MS04-024 : Vulnerability in Windows Shell
MS04-023 : Vulnerability in HTML Help
MS04-022 : Vulnerability in Task Scheduler
MS04-021 : Security Update for IIS 4
MS04-020 : Vulnerability in POSIX
MS04-019 : Vulnerability in Utility Manager
  Sun Warnings

#220 Double Free bug in zlib compression library
#218 Bytecode Verifier
#217 Java Web Start
#216 HttpURLConnection
#215 snmpdx
#214 dtspcd
#213 login
#212 rpc.ttdbserverd
#211 xntpd


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Personal Encryption [January 1999]
If you use the Internet, you know that any data you send can be intercepted without your knowledge. You need to know how to use encryption, and related cryptographic functions like digital signatures, to protect your data from prying eyes. Even if you don't use the Internet, you may be vulnerable to snooping co-workers, industrial spies, and other undesirables.
You want to make informed decisions about how much data you are willing to give away - and how to protect that data.

Personal Encryption Clearly Explained shows how encryption and digital signatures work, and how to use them to protect your data. The first half of the book clearly details the mechanics and theory of encryption and digital signatures, while the second half provides hands-on introductions to using some of the most popular software packages available for securely browsing the World Wide Web, encrypting your e-mail, and protecting sensitive files stored on your computer.

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Personal Encryption Clearly Explained by Peter Loshin
Published by AP Professional
Publication Date: May 1998
Computer Security Policies and SunScreen Firewalls [February 1999]
Computer Security Policies and SunScreen Firewalls focuses on the development of security policies and how the SunScreen EFS and the SunScreen SPF-200 firewall products can be used to implement security policies.
This book focuses mainly on information protection as a reason for establishing a security policy, and on protecting information against electronic threats from outside an organization or from inside an organization.
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Computer Security Policies and SunScreen Firewalls by Kathryn Walker and Linda Cavanaugh
Published by Prentice Hall
Publication Date: July 1998
Windows NT 4 Security [March 1999]
Windows NT 4 Security
Published by Microsoft Press
Publication Date: December 1998
Basic Methods of Cryptography [April 1999]
This text covers the fundamentals of cryptography, which is concerned with methods of security in the storage and transportation of information. Computers are now found in every layer of society, and information is being communicated and processed automatically on a large scale. Examples include medical and financial files, automatic banking, video-phones, pay-tv, facsimiles, tele-shopping, and global computer networks.
The book will be of value to advanced students and researchers involved in data protection and information processing, especially electrical engineers and people working in informatics and computer science.
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Basic Methods of Cryptography by Jan Van Der Lubbe
Published by Cambridge Univ Pr
Publication Date: May 1998
Network Intrusion Detection [July 1999]
Written to be both a training aid and a technical reference for intrusion detection analysts, Northcutt's book contains unparalleled, practical experience that can't be found anywhere else. With detailed explanations and illustrative examples from his own career, Northcutt covers the topic completely, from detect evaluation, analysis, and situation handling, through the theories involved in understanding hackers, intelligence gathering, and coordinated attacks, to an arsenal of preventive and aggressive security measures.
Ideal for the serious security analyst, Network Intrusion Detection: An Analyst's Handbook is the tool that puts you in full control of your network's security.
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Network Intrusion Detection by Stephen Northcutt
Published by New Riders Publishing
Publication Date: July 1999
Linux Network Servers [August 1999]
Linux Network Servers is the definitive administrator's guide to Linux, the operating-system success story of the 1990s. Starting where most Linux books end, this book assumes that readers need to take their knowledge of Linux to the next level. Noted TCP/IP and Linux expert Craig Hunt focuses on the challenges that network administrators face in providing continuous uptime on Linux servers, maximizing throughput, and delivering rock-solid performance on affordable equipment.
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Linux Network Servers 24 seven by Craig Hunt
Published by Sybex
Publication Date: August 1999
Maximum Linux Security [October 1999]
Maximum Linux Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Linux Server and Workstation is designed for system administrators, managers, or Linux users who wish to protect their Linux servers and workstations from unauthorized intrusions and other external threats to their systems' integrity.
Written by an experienced hacker--someone who knows which systems are vulnerable and how crackers get into them--this unique guide to Linux security identifies existing and potential security holes and faults, and then describes how to go about fixing them.
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Maximum Linux Security
Published by Sams
Publication Date: October 1999

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